This is Not a Monologue (About Spalding Gray) 

An exploration of the afterlife told through the perspective of the captain of the Staten Island Ferry combining mythology of the Ancient Egyptians and the theoretical science behind black holes and astronomy. 

The Escape Plan 

A mix of story-telling and day dreaming, "The Escape Plan" is a monologue that travels from the Green Mountains of Vermont to a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York, from rows of apple trees to hoards of businessmen on Lexington Avenue, from an average childhood in Connecticut to the all-consuming Koch Industries. 


Nuclear Seagulls

A short piece of trash puppetry inspired by real life events and some made up ones. 

Somebodie's Sister Denise

Inspired by a New York City gospel radio dj, conspiracy theories and second-hand stories this new piece is a little bit monologue, a little bit rant and definitely only partially true.


   I draw inspiration for much of my theater work from the visual arts, primarily painting and artists such as Nicole Eisenmann, Rene Magritte and Edward Hopper. Here are some of my own experiments in drawing and painting.